Outlet Structures

Code Precast can fabricate Bakersfield City Standard and Kern County Standard outlet structures, and they conform to ASTM as needed. All outlet structures are made to order, and can be on the job site in a timely manner to meet your deadline.

Turnout Structures

At Code Precast, we make turnout structures for all your agricultural needs. We are able to make any structure according to your needs with provided drawings and specifications. Although they are not stocked, we can make your structures to meet your timeline.

Water Troughs

Our water troughs are made to order at Code Precast, and we carry various sizes to meet all your dairy needs. All of our water troughs have A706 rebar embedded as reinforcement, and our 4’x8’x2’ water trough conforms to the BLM standard. Our water troughs come with...

Precast Concrete Signs

Code Precast has produced many concrete signs in its history, and each time our customer walks away with the best possible product for their company. Whatever the design may be, Code Precast can produce it for you. Our concrete used in our signs performs at or above...

Parking Bumpers

Code Precast carries parking bumpers for all your parking lot install needs. We embed A706 rebar in all our bumpers, and pride ourselves in providing clean, aesthetically pleasing bumpers as well.

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