Code Precast can be your one stop shop for all your septic tank and manhole accessory needs. We carry plenty of grade rings, risers – both plastic and concrete-, lids, and so much more in our yard. All of our concrete products have A706 rebar embedded for reinforcement.

1604MHL 16.5″ dia. concrete lid
1818SB 18″x18″x24″ ID Sample Box
2004MHL 20″ sq. x 4″ thick lid
2304MHL 23″ sq. x 4″ thick lid
2804MHL 28″ dia Concrete Lid
3OUTDB 3 Outlet Diversion Box w/Concrete Lid
5OUTDB 5 Outlet Diversion Box w/Concrete Lid
24CFC Concrete F&C
DBWG Distribution box w/grate
LG-DB 30″ dia Diversion/Sample Box w/Concrete Lid
PL 68 Filter PL 68 Filter
PL 69FH PL 68 w/Housing
2412R 24″ dia x 12″ Tall Concrete Riser
302412CE 30″x24″x12″ Tall Concrete Cone Extension
3008-HD 24″ dia Plastic Cover HD
3008-R12 24″ dia x 12″ Tall Plastic Riser
3008-Riser 24″ dia x 6″ tall Plastic Riser
3008-RP 24″ dia x 3″ tall Riser Pan
3009-AR Plastic Adapter Ring
3008-RC Cover 24″ dia Plastic Lid Light Weight

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