We stock various sizes of slabs for your transformer pad needs. We can also custom make a slab size up to 8’ square. All of our slabs come with embedded A706 rebar and embedded lift points to provide a flat, even surface to set transformers or other products on top. We can broom finish or flat finish to the customer’s needs.

PBS1010 1X1 Slab
PBS2020 2X2 Slab
PBS2030 2X3 Slab
PBS2040 2X4 Slab
PBS2060 2X6 Slab
PBS3030 3X3 Slab
PBS3040 3’x4’x1′ Slab
PBS4030 4X3 Slab
PBS4040 4X4 Slab
PBS4060 4X6 Slab
PBS5060 5’x6’x1′ Slab

Custom Sized Slabs available upon request.

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