Our sleepers are kept in stock for all your piping needs. We have various sizes that come with or without a metal embed, and some of our sleepers have saddles for 2”, 3” and 6” pipe. All of our sleepers are poured with 4000psi, A706 rebar embedded, and our dual saddled sleepers and 2’ sleepers conform to Chevron’s weight requirement for a single person lift. We are also able to make custom sleepers of various sizes to fit your needs. All of our sleepers conform to ASTM

200PS 2′ Sleeper
200PSW/P 2′ Sleeper w/ plates
200STEX 21″ long Sleeper w/ 2 Saddles
240SS 24″ Sleeper w/ 3″ saddle
300PS 36″ Sleeper
300PSW/P 36″ Sleeper w/ plates
400PS 4′ Sleeper
400PSP 4′ Sleeper w/ plates
P4012 #4×12″ pins

Custom Sized Sleepers available upon request with drawings provided.

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