All of our manholes conform to ASTM, and we stock every size you may need for your sewer or storm drain projects. Our concrete used performs at or above 4500psi, and we also carry T-Lock items. Our products are used throughout the Central Valley, most notably the Centennial Corridor project in Bakersfield, CA. All manholes have A706 rebar embedded.

3000CMHC 48″ dia x 36″ tall MH Eccentric Cone
1200MHL 48″ dia x12″ Tall MH shaft w/T-Lock
1200MHS 48″ dia x 12″ Tall MH Shaft
1800MHC 48″ dia x 24″ dia 18″ Tall MH Cone
1800MHCL 48″ dia x 24″ dia x18″ Tall MH Cone w/T-Lock
2002GR 24″ dia x2″ Grade Ring
2003GR 24″ dia x 3″ Grade Ring
2004GR 24″ dia x 4.5″ Grade Ring
2006GR 24″ dia x 6″ Grade Ring
2400MHC 48″ dia x 24″ dia x24″ tall MH Cone
2400MHCL 48″ dia x 24″ dia x24″ tall MH Cone w/T-Lock
2400MHL 48″ dia x24″ Tall Shaft w/T-Lock
2400MHS 48″ dia x 24″ tall MH Shaft
3000EMHC 48″ dia x 24″ dia x30″ Tall MH Eccentric Cone
3000MHS 48″ dia x 30″ Tall MH Shaft
303GR 30″ dia. x 3″ Grade Ring
306GR 30″ dia. x 6″ Grade Ring
3600MHC 48″ dia x 24″ dia x36″ Tall MH Concentric Cone
3600MHCL 48″dia x 24″ dia x36″  Tall MH Cone w/T-Lock
3600MHL 48″ x 36″ Tall MH Shaft w/T-Lock
3600MHS 48″ dia x 36″ Tall MH Shaft
3624MHS 36″ dia x  24″ tall MH Shaft
363GR 36″ dia. x 3″ Grade Ring
3648MHS 36″ dia. x 48″ Shaft
366GR 36″ dia. x 6″ Grade Ring
48″ TYP FlatTop 48″ Typical Flat Top
4800MHB 48″ Dia. Precast  M/H Bases
4800MHL 48″ dia x 48″ Tall MH Shaft w/T-Lock
4800MHS 48″ dia x48″ Tall MH Shaft
4800MHSL VF 48″ dia. MH Shft w/T-lock
6000FT 60″ Dia. Flat Top
6000MHB 60″ dia. Precast  Manhole Base
6000MHSL VF 60″ dia.MH Shaft w/T-Lock
6012MHS 60″ dia. x 12″ Manhole Shaft
6018MHSL 60″ dia. x 18″ Shaft w/T-Lock
6024MHS 60″ dia. x 24″ Manhole Shaft
6024MHSL 60″ dia. x 24″ Shaft w/T-Lock
6030MHS 60″ dia. x 30″ Manhole Shaft
6036MHC 60″x 36″ Ecc. Cone
6036MHS 60″ dia. x 36″ Manhole Shaft
6036MHCL 60″ x 24″ x 36″ MH Ecc Cone w/T-Lock
6036MHSL 60″ dia. x 36″ Shaft w/T-Lock
6048MHS 60″ dia. x 48″ Manhole Shaft
604830MHRL 60″x48″x30″ Concentric Reducer w/T-Lock
6048MHSL 60″ dia. x 48″ MH Shaft w/T-Lock
MHPallet 48″ dia. aluminum manhole pallet



48in Material

Model Number: CP4839MHB

Concentric Cones

48in Shafting

Eccentric Cones

Model Number: CP480936FT-E

Model Number: CP480936FT-C

Model Number: CP480924FT-E

Model Number: CP480924FT-C

60in Material

Model Number: CP600924FT-C

Model Number: CP600924FT-E

Model Number: CP600936FT-E

Model Number: CP604830RED-C

Model Number: CP604830RED-E

60in Eccentric Cone

60in Shafting

Model Number: CP6042MHB

72in Material

Model Number: CP721236FT-C

Model Number: CP724830RED-C

72in Shafting

Model Number: CP7260MHB

Model Number: CP721224FT-C

Model Number: CP721224FT-E



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